Servo-hydraulic punch press machines are the most advanced of this type of machine. It has the capability of punching or blanking any shape up to 90mm in diameter, a sheet size of 1.25mx4m, and thickness of 8mm steel. Being servo-hydraulic it can also engrave, inscribe and perform continuous forming such as grooves, which is not common to conventional CNC punch presses.


   Our hydraulic presses have a wide variety of uses, capacities and sizes up to 1200 tons capacities and bed sizes of 1.8m x 2.5m. This allows them to form all kinds of metals of high thicknesses.

Our mechanical eccentric presses have capacities and sizes up to 1000 tons and bed sizes up to 1.7m x 2.3m. These eccentric presses can be used for a variety of operations: punching, blanking and trimming.


   This Italian made oven was the first of its kind in Egypt. It has a conveyor with a 6m tunnel and a maximum temperature of 600 degrees C. This supports productions that require heat treatment, annealing and curing of any coatings.


   Our non-stick coating facility coats for all types of purposes and industries. Anti-corrosion coatings are used for the oilfield industry. Also for industries that require low friction applications, insulation and even as simple as easy clean for sealing applications.

   In addition to all this, we coat for food applications for bakeries and restaurants, using the highest quality imported non-stick quotes with the guarantee and supervision of the supplier.


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